Aloha Bay, Chakra Energy Candle, Money, Cassia • Clove • Nutmeg, 11 oz

  • Виробник: Aloha Bay
  • Код товару: ALH-26107
  • upc код: 760860261071.
  • Наявність: Є в наявності
  • Вага товару: 0.99 кг. Розміри (ДxШxВ): 15.7x8.1x7.6 см.
  • ₴1283
  • ₴1050

Підтримка по:
  • Muladhara - Base of Spine
  • 100% Pure Essential Oil
  • When you are trying to make things happen in the material world, in relation to business or material possessions, the energy to succeed will come from this chakra.

    Рекомендації із застосування

    Empowerment Candle:

    Choose a peaceful space, set aside for prayer and meditation. If you have a sacred image, you can present the unlit candle as an offering. Breathe, fully and deeply. Feel the infinite blessing power of the Divine. Picture the changes you are contemplating with great faith, love, and affirmation. Light the candle. Sit quietly for a while, holding the image of accomplished change, then release it all to the Divine.


    Do not use if damaged.

    Burn on heat-resistant surface. Keep wick trimmed to about 3/8". Avoid drafts.

    Keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep jar free of wick trimmings & other debris. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

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