Jool Baby Products, Safety Door Knob Covers, 4 Pack

  • Виробник: Jool Baby Products
  • Код товару: JOO-11901
  • upc код: 850009119018.
  • Наявність: Є в наявності
  • Вага товару: 0.32 кг. Розміри (ДxШxВ): 30.7x9.5x5.6 см.
  • ₴743
  • ₴669

Підтримка по:
  • Value Pack
  • Prevent Children From Leaving or Entering Rooms
  • Keeps Doors Safe and Secure
  • Prevent Children From Opening Doors or Getting Locked in a Room
  • Features:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Designed to blend it with your home decor
  • Compatible with standard spherical doorknobs
  • Рекомендації із застосування

  • Assemble the 2 halves around door knob. With your thumb and index finger, make sure all snaps are secure.
  • To open the door, grasp the doorknob through the holes and turn the knob.
  • To remove, use your thumb and index finger to squeeze the snaps open.
  • Попередження

    Using this product on exterior doors can affect the ability to exit in case of emergency. Do not use this product to guard against toxic and dangerous substances, or sharp edges or any dangerous objects. Do not use if product is damaged or broken. This product is only a deterrent. It is not a substitute for proper adult supervision.

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