ZenToes, Fuzzy Gel Heel Socks, Fuzzy Blue, 1 Pair

  • ₴767 ₴937
  • Наявність:Є в наявності
  • Виробник: ZenToes
  • Код товару: ZEN-26178

Докладно про товар ZenToes, Fuzzy Gel Heel Socks, Fuzzy Blue, 1 Pair :

  • Heal, Soften, & Soothe Dry Heels
  • Comfort Soothe & Prevent
  • For Cracked, Dry Heels
  • Unscented
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Heel Lined with Gel
  • Women Owned™
  • Washable
  • Reusable
  • Latex Free
  • Gel lining provides moisturizing relief for dry or cracked heels.

    Рекомендації із застосування

    Instructions for use: Put the sock on as shown in the image on the front of the package. Adjust the sock so that the gel lining is over your heel. For extra moisturizing, put lotion or moisturizer of your choice on the heel before putting on the sock.

    Care and cleaning: Clean regularly based on frequency of use and perspiration level. Use soap or shampoo that will not irritate your skin with warm water to gently hand wash. Air dry completely before wearing. Sprinkle with baby powder if gel becomes sticky.

    Інші інгредієнти

    Contains spandex and nylon.


    Consult your healthcare provider to be sure this is an appropriate aid for you, especially if you have poor circulation or diabetes. Discontinue use if toe discoloration, numbness, or pain occurs.

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